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LINDEN CONNEXION SDN.BHD. referred to as Linden Connexion was established in year 2017 as a customer service center provider. Company implement effective standard operating procedures, data analysis and continuous innovation to ensure we meet customers’ expectations. We constantly improve and grow so that we are motivated to provide the best service to meet the ever-changing demands in the new environment. Our company principle is to establish business with integrity and strength.

Our greatest mission is to strengthen customer service of the company to maintain long-term relationships with customers. We believe building a positive relationship with customers can lead to long-term success of a business. This is made possible with our Quality Management, people management program as well as fun and stress-free working environment. We put people at the center of everything we do – whether it is our clients, their customers, or our employees, we are always looking for ways to add values to people’s lives and make their live easier.

Linden Connexion is working with both the private and public sectors, we customize our services to meet our clients’ request and expectation.Our established customer service center operates 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team provides multiple channels of customer service to fit customer needs. Our center in Malaysia is capable of providing multilingual customer service especially to Asia, Hong Kong and local market. Linden Connexion works as your dedicated partner as we help you to reduce the cost of setting up a customer service centre and most importantly cutting short the learning curve to build an efficient team. We have well-trained support team to ensure our service is efficient and help increase customer satisfaction. As a result, we are able to reflect a positive company image as well as overall customer experience. We aim to meet the objectives of your projects and wish to exceed your expectations.