Linden Connexion Proudly Hosts the Dean of MIT Academy in 2023

In a moment of great honor, Linden Connexion welcomed the Dean of MIT Academy to our premises in 2023. The distinguished visit was centered around discussions regarding a newly launched government program named “Daya Kerjaya” and “Bina Kerjaya.”

The discussions revolved around potential collaborations to expand our business in alignment with these government initiatives. “Daya Kerjaya” and “Bina Kerjaya” signify an exciting opportunity to contribute to the growth of the workforce and skills development in Malaysia. Linden Connexion is enthusiastic about leveraging these programs to extend our reach and offer valuable educational resources.

A key focus of our conversation was directed towards aiding SPM graduates in gaining access to AI-related courses. Linden Connexion aspires to play a pivotal role in providing knowledge and skills in artificial intelligence to those in need. By supporting the government’s initiative, we aim to empower more individuals, particularly SPM graduates, with the necessary expertise to thrive in an increasingly AI-driven world.

This collaboration not only aligns with Linden Connexion’s commitment to education and innovation but also serves the broader goal of helping the government enhance its competitiveness in the future. We believe that by equipping individuals with AI knowledge, we contribute to building a more competitive and technologically advanced workforce that will drive Malaysia’s success in the global arena. This meeting marks the beginning of a meaningful partnership dedicated to education, skills development, and the collective prosperity of our nation.

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