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Team Building Adventure at Bilut Hill: Unforgettable Moments for Call Center Team B in 2022

In 2022, our call center Team B embarked on a memorable team-building adventure at Bilut Hill in Pahang. This dynamic team-building activity created lasting memories for us.

At Bilut Hill, we not only enjoyed the beauty of nature but also engaged in a variety of exciting activities. First and foremost, we took on the challenge of ATV riding, experiencing the exhilaration of off-road adventures and letting off steam. Following that, the thrill of the Flying Fox brought our team members closer together. Archery allowed us to showcase the importance of teamwork, and exploring the forest allowed us to marvel at the wonders of nature.

In the evening, we unleashed our musical passion at the karaoke area in the camp, filling the air with laughter and joy. Team-building activities further deepened our understanding of each other amidst the festivities.

Apart from the enriching activities, delicious food was a highlight of the event. Hot pot with organic vegetables allowed us to savor the perfect combination of taste and health. Milk injected a fresh touch, keeping us energized throughout the activities. The renowned TK Kopitiam in Bentong added a delightful flavor to our taste buds.

Finally, at Gotong Jaya, we shared a delightful meal, bringing team members closer together. This team-building event not only enriched our team culture but also allowed each person to find joy and a sense of belonging. The 2022 Team B team-building adventure at Bilut Hill will be a cherished memory, infusing our team with positive energy for future development.

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