Team Building

Unforgettable Team Building Experience at Sky Mirror, Bagan Datuk

In 2022, our Linden connexion Team A embarked on an unforgettable team-building journey at Sky Mirror, Bagan Datuk.

Our itinerary was filled with thrilling attractions, including eagle watching, mesmerizing fireflies, and the enchanting Blue Tears. These natural wonders immersed our team members in the endless surprises and wonders of nature.

Over the course of two days and one night, we had ample time to appreciate the natural landscapes while strengthening the cooperation and understanding among team members.

Additionally, a diverse range of delicacies was meticulously prepared, featuring hotpot, salad fritters, mango chicken, salted egg pumpkin, seafood platter, and traditional cuisine. These delectable offerings not only satisfied our appetites but also allowed us to relish different flavors.

This team-building event was not just about relaxation but also facilitated emotional connections and collaboration within our team. Carrying forward this unforgettable experience into our work in 2022, we strive together to achieve even greater success.

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